Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is it really winter up here

There is just little pockets of snow on the ground in my neighborhood, our snowman is getting slimmer by each sunny and (warm) day! I knew when I moved back North I would experience some very cold days, and there is no doubt it is much colder here than the slightly cold and foggy days I grew up in off the coast of California. However, this winter in Minnesota has been a milder and calmer version of what they have experienced in former years.

My kids are not happy with the bare ground-cover! They want snow to play in, make snow angels and sled down the hill in the back yard, but this Momma is allowing the complaining.

We have had some snow-filled days, who knew their would only be enough to count on two hands! Ella has a healing scrape from a run in with a tree from her sledding straight into it the other day! We just expected the snow to maybe, stick around for more than a day or two. Who knew, but I won't complain about it. I am sure we have some snow packed days ahead of us, and I will take them in stride. I think the thinning snowman in the front yard would appreciate a cold snap and some moisture to help fatten him up again.

The 10-day forecast is giving us small percentages of snow....we will see when the next big storm arrives, probably the weekend we are out of town. Don't tell the kids!

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Donald said...

You wishing for snow right now is like us in CA wishing for rain. Good luck!