Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dare I...

There is a letter I am tempted to write. Must be handwritten and though I don't have the person's address, I have there parents, so know I could get it to them.
Dare I compose a letter after so many years....
Share with this person who I am and my family now....
No expectation on the recipients part, just a letter to let them know I think of them and do miss them....dare I do it.

Nerves are setting in and I think I need to sleep on it, if I can. All I have is white paper...is that enough. Really it isn't the paper but the words on the paper. I know what I want to say...could set me free and finally let go, knowing I tried way back when and I am trying now, no expectation, no bringing up the past. Though we are bonded from our past, our futures became much different, I have no regrets, but maybe, from time to time, I think and wonder about this person. Extend this token....paper tomorrow, prayers for peace and that I do it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello again

My long lost blog, I seem to of deserted you for playdates, Mall of America visits, neighborhood walks and outing with friends to say the least. It has been a busy summer, leaving me little time in front of the computer or to document some of the funny stuff we have seen or done.  It took a friend tonight wanting to see a video I put together to realize I need to get back to writing more and documenting the funny, and joyous and sometime crazy events in our lives.

More to come, but then I have typed that before....

Monday, April 30, 2012

Words of Encouragement- MOPS

Today was my last MOPS meeting for the season. We did something I had never witnessed before. Let me explain

First, we broke into two groups.

Group A sat down in chairs in a circle, while Group B stood behind them. Group A was then asked to close their eyes while the Moms in Group B would go around to each Mom and tell them words of encouragement/praise and thanks- be it God's love for them, their strengthen and devotion as a mom and so forth.

Then once we made it around the circle, we would rotate and Group B would sit down and Group A would tell us words of encouragement and praise.

I have gotten to know several of the moms at my table, as their table leader I try to reach out to them as often as possible and pray for them and their children and families. Half of my moms were in Group A so I could share with them my thoughts and praises to each other them during this practice, and in return heard their kind words.

It was a powerful exercise, with not many dry eyes or noses. As a Mom, sometimes we need words of encouragement and from another mom it can mean the word- as they know and can relate to what we are going with- be it a testy two-year-old or preparing our oldest for school, it is a silent but strong bond we share as Moms.

My take away from today was to let my friends (and Moms) know what a great job they are doing, provide them words of encouragement, let them know that God is with them, loving them and helping guide them as a person and mother, wife and friend. I want to tell them they are strong, loving, caring women that are a blessing to me and others.

So- to my mom readers out there: YOU ARE LOVED, GOD IS WITH YOU. As a mom you are doing amazing things, you are strong and are guiding your children with God beside you. You smile touches me and gives me encouragement. THANK YOU!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Just a minute

I only have a minute, or two! It has been way too long since I sat at my computer and dedicated some time to this blog. My apologies loyal readers, a lot has been going on- mostly good and then just life!  We seems to keep our days filled with events and activities.  Here are some highlights:
• Park play dates- with the warmer weather we are getting out more and seeing friends from school
• Soccer- starts in a couple of weeks- our Monday and Wednesday evening will be on a field!
• Countless home projects (finished painting three rooms last week- I didn't do it, if so it would of taken ALOT longer)
• New bible study on prayer- keeping a journal of my prayer request.
• Planning trip to California (brother's wedding) then to OK and TX to see grandparents and best friend later this summer
• Did I mention laundry?!?!?
• Planning Spring Fling (aka summer neighborhood party) in June

Ok, kids are calling me downstairs. I need to put on my list to clean the office area, might help with a more inspiring blog post for the future.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Plan changer

In the midst of moving, you encounter various bills and expenses....with this said (huge exhale) I am in the process of lowering as many bills as possible- phone, cable,etc, along with more coupon and bargain grocery shopping. Plus if I could get the little guy potty trained just think of the money I would save! That is a big job I haven't rolled up my sleeves to tackle just yet.

So as of right now I have lowered my cell phone bill by 20 percent and have bookmarked the page to check my usage- figure this might come in handy along the way- I have used almost 25% of my minutes and have 22 days left on my billing cycle. I am thinking of putting a reminder out each week so I don't go over! It would not be wise to go over my minutes and pay triple per minute!

Time will tell if this will work. The cable bill will have to be tackled my the HUSBAND, as the last call with DirecTV, left me more confused by what I would have to pay if I lowered my bill.

The blessing in disguise is the weather is getting nicer, and these kids want to be outside! A big positive in my book- free entertainment and fresh air, nothing beats that.

Will keep you posted on this saving plans!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In like a lamb or a lion

March is here, a full week to be exact. It came in like a lamb, only by default though, with the Leap Year, we experienced heavy snow fall, along with some ice to cause school to be cancelled to start off March. For the kids it was a full day of playing in the snow.
Today we have rain and it fits my mood, as much as I need to get laundry done, the kitchen cleaned, I would prefer to cuddle up next to the window and listen to the rain drops and get lost in a book. Not the case. I have instead challenged myself to get the main floor of our home finalized- finish painting rooms, purchase (if needed) items to put the finishing touches on the rooms. This pertains mainly to our formal living room- in need of new curtains and rod, painting and down the road- some pieced of sitting furniture. The sun room is also in need of some items and wall decor- I found some storage cases I like and with some fun baskets, it can be functional and cool. And I need to find some fun wall art for the kids and I to create or make some purchases sooner than later. And our stairway and entry way need to be swapped out for boring white to the tan we have in the hallway upstairs, once this is done, I think the wall hanging will have look more cohesive on the walls, right now it is a little too drastic contrast for me.

In our basement, the guest bedroom needs to have items hung on the walls and some day, when we purchase new bedroom furniture, a bed will live in there!

And I have called the realtor for her contractor's information to have him come out and look at our master bath and closet area- hoping to get a meeting set up soon to get this moving by spring time. My goal is to get the painting in the stairway and entry way, along with formal living done in March and by April complete the sun room and late April to early May begin the remodel of the mast bath. Of course these are timelines in my head, who knows what will happen in reality- it will be interesting to see if my projects start like lambs and stay that way- calm, on budget and satisfied, or like lions- loud, complicated and expensive.

Time will tell...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Is it really winter up here

There is just little pockets of snow on the ground in my neighborhood, our snowman is getting slimmer by each sunny and (warm) day! I knew when I moved back North I would experience some very cold days, and there is no doubt it is much colder here than the slightly cold and foggy days I grew up in off the coast of California. However, this winter in Minnesota has been a milder and calmer version of what they have experienced in former years.

My kids are not happy with the bare ground-cover! They want snow to play in, make snow angels and sled down the hill in the back yard, but this Momma is allowing the complaining.

We have had some snow-filled days, who knew their would only be enough to count on two hands! Ella has a healing scrape from a run in with a tree from her sledding straight into it the other day! We just expected the snow to maybe, stick around for more than a day or two. Who knew, but I won't complain about it. I am sure we have some snow packed days ahead of us, and I will take them in stride. I think the thinning snowman in the front yard would appreciate a cold snap and some moisture to help fatten him up again.

The 10-day forecast is giving us small percentages of snow....we will see when the next big storm arrives, probably the weekend we are out of town. Don't tell the kids!