Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In like a lamb or a lion

March is here, a full week to be exact. It came in like a lamb, only by default though, with the Leap Year, we experienced heavy snow fall, along with some ice to cause school to be cancelled to start off March. For the kids it was a full day of playing in the snow.
Today we have rain and it fits my mood, as much as I need to get laundry done, the kitchen cleaned, I would prefer to cuddle up next to the window and listen to the rain drops and get lost in a book. Not the case. I have instead challenged myself to get the main floor of our home finalized- finish painting rooms, purchase (if needed) items to put the finishing touches on the rooms. This pertains mainly to our formal living room- in need of new curtains and rod, painting and down the road- some pieced of sitting furniture. The sun room is also in need of some items and wall decor- I found some storage cases I like and with some fun baskets, it can be functional and cool. And I need to find some fun wall art for the kids and I to create or make some purchases sooner than later. And our stairway and entry way need to be swapped out for boring white to the tan we have in the hallway upstairs, once this is done, I think the wall hanging will have look more cohesive on the walls, right now it is a little too drastic contrast for me.

In our basement, the guest bedroom needs to have items hung on the walls and some day, when we purchase new bedroom furniture, a bed will live in there!

And I have called the realtor for her contractor's information to have him come out and look at our master bath and closet area- hoping to get a meeting set up soon to get this moving by spring time. My goal is to get the painting in the stairway and entry way, along with formal living done in March and by April complete the sun room and late April to early May begin the remodel of the mast bath. Of course these are timelines in my head, who knows what will happen in reality- it will be interesting to see if my projects start like lambs and stay that way- calm, on budget and satisfied, or like lions- loud, complicated and expensive.

Time will tell...

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