Monday, April 30, 2012

Words of Encouragement- MOPS

Today was my last MOPS meeting for the season. We did something I had never witnessed before. Let me explain

First, we broke into two groups.

Group A sat down in chairs in a circle, while Group B stood behind them. Group A was then asked to close their eyes while the Moms in Group B would go around to each Mom and tell them words of encouragement/praise and thanks- be it God's love for them, their strengthen and devotion as a mom and so forth.

Then once we made it around the circle, we would rotate and Group B would sit down and Group A would tell us words of encouragement and praise.

I have gotten to know several of the moms at my table, as their table leader I try to reach out to them as often as possible and pray for them and their children and families. Half of my moms were in Group A so I could share with them my thoughts and praises to each other them during this practice, and in return heard their kind words.

It was a powerful exercise, with not many dry eyes or noses. As a Mom, sometimes we need words of encouragement and from another mom it can mean the word- as they know and can relate to what we are going with- be it a testy two-year-old or preparing our oldest for school, it is a silent but strong bond we share as Moms.

My take away from today was to let my friends (and Moms) know what a great job they are doing, provide them words of encouragement, let them know that God is with them, loving them and helping guide them as a person and mother, wife and friend. I want to tell them they are strong, loving, caring women that are a blessing to me and others.

So- to my mom readers out there: YOU ARE LOVED, GOD IS WITH YOU. As a mom you are doing amazing things, you are strong and are guiding your children with God beside you. You smile touches me and gives me encouragement. THANK YOU!

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Megan @ Balance In Detail said...

This is AWESOME! So powerful. As mothers we don't take the time to bring each other up. What an amazing gift you gave each other that day!