Monday, April 23, 2012

Just a minute

I only have a minute, or two! It has been way too long since I sat at my computer and dedicated some time to this blog. My apologies loyal readers, a lot has been going on- mostly good and then just life!  We seems to keep our days filled with events and activities.  Here are some highlights:
• Park play dates- with the warmer weather we are getting out more and seeing friends from school
• Soccer- starts in a couple of weeks- our Monday and Wednesday evening will be on a field!
• Countless home projects (finished painting three rooms last week- I didn't do it, if so it would of taken ALOT longer)
• New bible study on prayer- keeping a journal of my prayer request.
• Planning trip to California (brother's wedding) then to OK and TX to see grandparents and best friend later this summer
• Did I mention laundry?!?!?
• Planning Spring Fling (aka summer neighborhood party) in June

Ok, kids are calling me downstairs. I need to put on my list to clean the office area, might help with a more inspiring blog post for the future.