Monday, March 19, 2012

Plan changer

In the midst of moving, you encounter various bills and expenses....with this said (huge exhale) I am in the process of lowering as many bills as possible- phone, cable,etc, along with more coupon and bargain grocery shopping. Plus if I could get the little guy potty trained just think of the money I would save! That is a big job I haven't rolled up my sleeves to tackle just yet.

So as of right now I have lowered my cell phone bill by 20 percent and have bookmarked the page to check my usage- figure this might come in handy along the way- I have used almost 25% of my minutes and have 22 days left on my billing cycle. I am thinking of putting a reminder out each week so I don't go over! It would not be wise to go over my minutes and pay triple per minute!

Time will tell if this will work. The cable bill will have to be tackled my the HUSBAND, as the last call with DirecTV, left me more confused by what I would have to pay if I lowered my bill.

The blessing in disguise is the weather is getting nicer, and these kids want to be outside! A big positive in my book- free entertainment and fresh air, nothing beats that.

Will keep you posted on this saving plans!

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